Informed by Experience,
Conveyed with Skill

Founder’s Foreword


Enthusiasm for innovation coupled with the ability to identify opportunities and bring complex and difficult projects to fruition.

Primarily, I see myself as a creative and a delegate of innovation and informed design. Development, as it’s defined for me, is a delivery of quality and permanence. Master-planning is not a product, it’s the foresight that goes before it— producing an almost intangible effect, with a very real sense of flow and seamlessness.

Similarly, we consider not just the home, but what’s around it— the location, how it works, how it feels and delivers as part of a unified place where people do well. Homes, hotels and communities that will look and work just as beautifully in thirty years’ time as they did the day they were built. That’s the fundamental difference in what we do, and it is what has kept me as passionate about property today as I was when I first began. Certainly, my years in the industry have been an evolution, but these elements remain constant.

And it’s the wider Templeton Group and our partners who I credit for much of our success to date. Beyond the most innovative architects, the most creative designers, the most diligent engineers and the most imaginative landscapers, every Templeton Group team member is here because they share a common ambition for quality and possess respective talents that continue to impress me every single day.

As we venture into new territories, taking advanced technology and invention with us, I’m tremendously confident in the future and where the ability, enthusiasm and innovation of Templeton Group will take us. The decades ahead feel enormously positive and motivating for me and the Templeton Group team.


Nigel A.McKenna

Talent Meets Enthusiasm


Templeton Group is made up of remarkable individuals, each with their own robust talent and strengths. Fundamental to our success is nurturing individuality. This, together with our common philosophy of turning aspirations into reality makes Templeton Group one of the largest and most applauded developers in New Zealand.