Envisaging a Future by Constructing it


Led by Nigel McKenna, one of New Zealand’s most proficient and prominent developers, Templeton Group takes a bold approach to every new endeavour.

Nigel McKenna is a multiple industry award-winner, responsible for some of New Zealand’s most notable landmarks. He is joined by a team and partners who similarly bring a wealth of knowledge, zeal and insight to each of their tasks. Consequently, Templeton Group has achieved an unrivalled standing in the national development sector.

And we’re going from strength to strength. Equipped with the talent of our team and partners, we’re set to continue our record of delivery, with a portfolio of developments, now, and well into the future. It’s an exhilarating time to be in the development industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it— helping to enrich the lifestyles and environments of New Zealanders.

Excellence Starts with Purpose


We take our history and pair it with innovation, both are essential in equal measure. We’re firm believers in evolution, which is why we have on our team the best in their field to take Templeton Group, our developments and the people we build for positively into the future. With each new build making it greener, cleverer and stronger than the last.

Enrich People’s Lives

Through having the best possible team who collaborate to design the best in homes and communities, rich in amenity, access and location


Conceiving homes that will stand the test of time, in design and durability. Places that people will want to call home far into the future.

Enhance, Never Take Away

Working with the geography of the land, with all its organic winds and bends. Producing buildings that merge with and compliment the already established hues and raw materials of the site.

Make it Greener and Smarter

Making use of the latest green technology and sustainable practices to produce a lifestyle that’s smart, efficient and effortless.

Distinction by Principle


We were the first developers of genuine master-planned communities. Bringing a mindset that it’s not just about houses, but what’s around them too. Every new project starts with asking how do we achieve the very best in master-planning? Others do parts of what we do, but not to scale we do it, and not with focus on design and liveability we pride ourselves on.

We research the land, we know our history, we get immense fulfilment from what we do, and we’re aspirational. We approach each development with discipline and high quality delivery. The proof is in the pudding.

This History is Worth Repeating


Our experience and skill is born from a long and robust history in New Zealand’s development sector. Each development is an illustration of our emphasis on producing ground-breaking places for people to thrive. With each new project, we build on the last and have created a catalogue of ‘firsts and bests,’ spanning three decades.

Preparation and Precision


The longer you’re in an industry, the more you’re familiar with the factors that have led to success. Templeton Group ensures future proofing our business and properties through analysis of effective practices. Consequently, we’ve developed a proactive position, allowing us to respond to changing circumstances and have a well-informed anticipation of any challenges. Experience matters.

Over three decades in the business, we’ve built a robust network of partners and contacts who can claim to be the most notable in their field. Long-established working relationships with our partners have proved productive-establishing mutual confidence and regard. We consider investment in people in and around Templeton Group as paramount. Common principles of quality and diligence has seen us produce in excess of 5 billion dollars’ value in quality developments to date.

Every project is undertaken with the intent of enhancing environments. Working with the lay of the land rather than flattening it, Templeton Group developments have achieved sensitive and verdant urban and rural regeneration, time after time.  We’ve planted over 80 hectares (and counting) of trees and completed two reservoirs and undertaken stream restoration.

Ours is a rapidly shifting world, so, conceiving functional community, living and work experiences demands foresight. Responding to the changing aspirations and challenges people face, our projects are undertaken with the utmost consideration, redefining expectations of high quality residential and working environments. 16 future projects, 8 current projects and 5391 places in total cater to a multitude of needs, routines and circumstances.

They say preparation is everything, ‘they’ would be right. Templeton Group has a strong research orientation, accessing knowledge from a broad range of sources and ‘best in business’ from New Zealand and abroad. Taking insight from what has worked overseas, and what will work in a local context. Each project has been proceeded by painstaking investigation and scrutiny to produce innovative communities, that endure.