The Quadrant Hotel

In the energetic heart of downtown Auckland stands a remarkable hotel that defies convention and redefines the very essence of hospitality.

The Quadrant Hotel, an apartment-style designer haven, emerged in 2006 as a breath of fresh air in the industry, thanks to the visionary leadership of Nigel McKenna’s unwavering vision and dedication to excellence have set new standards in design and accommodation, earning him praise and admiration from guests and industry professionals alike.

The Quadrant Hotel Group, a brainchild of Nigel, was conceived to challenge the status quo and break away from the cookie-cutter approach that had become synonymous with hotels. Nigel McKenna believed that luxury and style should be accessible to all, and with the expertise of leading hotel operators experienced in managing five-star establishments, he set out to create an affordable yet chic four-star product that would revolutionise the concept of accommodation in New Zealand.


Collaboration was at the heart of Nigel’s approach, and he enlisted the brightest talents in the field to bring his vision to life. Working closely with Clark Brown Architects, interior design company Martin Hughes Interiors, and bar designer Tom Keyring, Nigel ensured that the Quadrant Hotel embraced a strong design ethos that set it apart from anything else in the country. The result was a hotel that exuded hip elegance without the exorbitant price tag, offering guests an experience that was both stylish and welcoming.

The innovative thinking didn’t stop at the hotel’s design; he understood the significance of forging meaningful partnerships to establish the Quadrant Hotel as a prominent player in the industry. Becoming one of the joint hotel sponsors for Air New Zealand Fashion Week 2008 and being the sole hotel featured in Tourism Auckland’s TV campaign demonstrated Nigel’s shrewd business acumen and marketing prowess.

Beyond its accolades and popularity, the Quadrant Hotel was a commercial success. Consistently ranking in the top eight for total room nights in Auckland’s fiercely competitive market, the hotel achieved an impressive annual turnover of almost $10 million in its first full operating financial year (2007/2008). This triumph was a testament to Nigel’s ability to transform his vision into a sustainable and thriving business model.

As the Quadrant Hotel continued to shine in Auckland, Nigel McKenna’s aspirations for the brand did not wane.

Expansion into Queenstown in 2009 marked a significant milestone, and with plans to open more properties in the upcoming year, the Quadrant Hotel’s future looked even brighter.

Nigel’s dedication to innovative design extended beyond the Quadrant Hotel in Auckland. The Holiday Inn in Wellington, also designed by his team, garnered recognition and praise from the New Zealand Institute of Architects Resene Local Awards for Architecture. Judges lauded the Quadrant’s thoughtful planning and engagement with its surroundings, while the Holiday Inn was commended for its clever use of space and maximising breathtaking views.

Notably, the Quadrant Hotel’s excellence also extended beyond its hospitality offerings, as it received The Property Council Award of Excellence for multi-unit residential. This accolade reinforced Nigel’s commitment to creating spaces that harmonise luxury, comfort, and functionality.

Nigel McKenna’s vision and tenacity have left an indelible mark on New Zealand’s hospitality landscape. The Quadrant Hotel, a testament to its innovative spirit and dedication to excellence, stands tall as a symbol of accessible luxury and captivating design. With the visionary Nigel at the helm, the future of the Quadrant Hotel Group looks destined for further success, and guests can continue to expect an unparalleled experience that is truly “Designed to Be Different.”