Throwback Thursday: Chambers and Station


Throwback Thursday!! 🎉

For over 100 years the Chambers & Station buildings had stood as proud landmarks in the leafy Auckland suburb of Mt Eden. By June 2017 they were seen restored and repurposed to house six exquisite and award winning apartments designed and led by Templeton Groups founder and CEO, Nigel McKenna.

Chambers and Station comprises of two historic, culturally and architecturally significant heritage buildings. The original impressive interiors were restored to retain and preserve the historic heritage of this longstanding landmark.

By utilizing a mix of sensational design details, the high quality products and restoration methods have ensured that the buildings were finished to an exceptional standard and today are home to six elegant residences in the heart of Mount Eden.

Chambers & Station continues to impress with the high standard of luxury and quality, but is commended on the incredible preservation of authenticity retained within each building.