Sofitel Lighter Quay

The Viaduct Harbour Regeneration Project was a major undertaking that transformed a neglected industrial area into a thriving and successful waterfront precinct. Led by Nigel McKenna, the project was the result of his clear vision for the wider waterfront area and a commitment to creating a high-quality destination. The wider Viaduct Regeneration Project stands as a testament to McKenna’s vision, and a determination to make Auckland a better place to be. And the results are world-class.

The third phase of the project involved the construction of the Lighter Quay development. This development was completed in 2003 and includes a mix of residential, commercial and retail space. The Lighter Quay development has helped to further solidify the Viaduct Harbour as a premier destination for living, working and playing.

The Sofitel (formerly The Westin) is the crowning glory to the Lighter Quay development, inviting local and international guests alike to experience the sought-after surrounds of the much applauded Lighter Quay area. Serving as an introduction to the wider development, the Sofitel is a landmark within itself, with design that has endured and with a location that remains inarguably the best in the city.


The $120m project saw Auckland presented with a truly premium offering in the luxury hotel space. Opened in 2007, the 173 room five star hotel boasts premium position overlooking the immediate Lighter Quay Marina, along with city and harbour views- counting it as one of Auckland’s most enviable destinations for visitors to the city. A recipient of the superior design and architecture that exemplifies the wider Lighter Quay development and McKenna’s developments- its form and interior stands many years later as a striking example in innovation.

Including a Presidential Suite, an Executive Club Lounge, Q Restaurant, The Office Bar and the Late Club- the hotel offers guests the very best in hospitality. Add to that a library and the Senses Spa with a 20 -metre indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and a fully equipped gym, the Sofitel counts as one of the country’s finest hotels.

The hotel’s location between the Viaduct Harbour and Wynyard Quarter certify it as one of the most beautifully placed hotels in the country. Centred around a private marina, the Sofitel sets the standard for luxury hotels in New Zealand, with premium amenities, design and service, for which the French hotel group are renowned.

The Viaduct Harbour Regeneration Project has inarguably been one of Auckland’s and McKenna’s greatest development success stories. The project yielded a world-class waterfront district that is home to an array of businesses, restaurants and premium attractions. The project was responsible for the complete revitalisation of the Auckland economy and has made the city an infinitely better place to be. The project can be counted as one of McKenna’s most innovative, bold and enduring projects to date.