Light Box at Long Bay

13 July 2023

The weather has certainly given us a run for our money of late, but this isn’t the first bout of bad weather we’ve endured through developments, and it won’t be the last. Doing what they do best, our project team and construction partners have made good progress in the last few weeks and have managed to hit key milestones. We trust you and your family have fared well in the past few days.

Our main contractor continues to deliver, bringing Light Box to life. Design-led and conceived by award-winning architects Novak+Middleton, Light Box is taking form, on time and without compromise.

Foundation work on all three townhouse blocks is complete, with structural steel and framing complete up to level one. With the foundations in place, preparation for the final concrete slabs has commenced. From this point, we’ll see the structure, mid-floors and wall framing progress to the roof in the not too distant future.

Planning and procurement is at the forefront of all of Templeton Group projects. Our robust relationship with suppliers and contractors alike ensures delays are kept to an absolute minimum, and material quality at its best, despite tough market conditions.



Our building partner, ZYJ Construction has undergone a rebrand this year. They’re now known as McCore Group. In operation since 2017, the McCore Group boast a strong record of delivery, quality and workmanship. We look forward to a continued and successful partnership with their team.

Templeton Group now has a permanent sales suite in the Long Bay Village. Here you’ll find the welcoming team who can help you with all sales queries concerning any of the Templeton Group developments in Long Bay.

The Long Bay Community

Last month we hosted the second “Doggy Day Out in the Village.” It’s been somewhat of a hit with Long Bay residents, where dogs and their owners come together to browse a collection of products for their beloved pets. Stallholders offer everything from mobile dog-washing to handcrafted pet bowls. It was held alongside the Long Bay Village Market, which has become a local ‘must do’ event in the monthly agenda. The Long Bay Village Market hosts organic and artisan producers offering their goods amongst the backdrop of live music and the remarkable Long Bay landscape.